A global manufacturing company lacked visibility into critical legal department matters and suffered from inconsistent management of outside counsel spend, particularly in international regions. To address this, the general counsel sought to improve existing matter management and electronic billing systems and reporting.



  • Gathered business requirements from key stakeholders and prepared a detailed implementation plan to upgrade existing systems, covering 60 countries and 800 users.
  • Crafted a migration strategy to ensure that existing legacy matters would be available to users upon go-live.
  • Led the worldwide implementation with a compressed timeline.
  • Jump-started organizational adoption by identifying and involving “support champions” early on and promoted further buy-in through marketing activities such as end-user demos and frequent communications.


By leveraging best practices and our proven methodology, the law department acquired a system to enhance productivity and efficiency with minimal time, cost and risk. The system incorporated core processes to automate workflows and standardize matter management and e-billing practices with high adoption rates to ensure the department received full value from the technology.