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Christopher Cahn

Managing Director


[email protected]


Who I am I am Christopher Cahn. I deliver client and end user-focused solutions that encompass the entire data and contracting life cycle.

I have more than 18 years of experience assisting global institutions with regulatory change, technology and data-driven initiatives. I have helped clients drive enterprise-level change through the creation of global contracting centers of excellence as well as leading two of the largest regulatory documentation and data remediation efforts in the financial services industry. I have experience in contract life cycle management, tech-enabled contracting and the creation and management of client/contract reference data.

Why Morae?

Morae’s blend of subject matter experts, consultants and technology combined with a firm grasp of the importance of data and process allows us to deliver innovative and often transformational solutions for our clients.

Through a focus on data, process and the needs of both users and down-stream consumers, I help clients achieve both measurable improvements to their operations as well as meaningful insights into their performance.

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