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Joy Saphla

President, Strategic Solutions


[email protected]


I am Joy Saphla. As president, Strategic Solutions, I am responsible for assisting corporate legal departments and law firms with strategic planning for how they can meet their goals and objectives, even through ebbs and flow in workload, by utilizing flexible and alternative approaches that also enable reducing overall cost and improvements in cost certainty.

I have more than 20 years of experience delivering sustainable results for law departments, helping improve their business performance by providing strategy, people, process, technology and data-related solutions. I have worked with some of the most-respected law departments in the world and tap into that experience along with our disruptive thought leadership and best practices to deliver the right work at the right time and the right price at the right cost by the right resources, using the right solutions.

Why Morae?

Law departments are seeking to perform like businesses. Delivering sustainable results for our clients is my passion. I am at Morae to work with leading professionals who share the same passion. My commitment to our clients is to be always accountable and laser-focused on their goals and objectives, helping them perform and deliver to their own business clients measurable results every day.

Driving legal transformation and delivering sustainable results for our clients is my passion.

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