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Rich Chandler

Chief Legal Officer


[email protected]


I am Rich Chandler. I am responsible for the global legal affairs of the Company and help support our business leaders in establishing the right risk strategy for the Company and its stakeholders.

I have served as the Chief Legal Officer or General Counsel for over 30 years at several different multinational corporations, including three publicly listed companies, along with having been a partner at a major international law firm. I have extensive experience in major business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, complex dispute resolution/litigation and corporate governance and compliance.

Why Morae?

I have been witnessing the disruptive forces to the legal profession for the last 20 years and its struggle to respond to and incorporate the significant changes in technology, social responsibility and cultural issues surrounding inclusiveness, diversity and competition for top talent, while continuing to meet the needs of its clients and stakeholders. I believe Morae has the skill sets and resources to be a trusted partner and advisor to law firms and corporate law departments as they work to find solutions to these challenges.

After 30 plus years as the CLO or GC to multiple multinational corporations, I am excited to be a part of Morae in helping change the legal profession through technology and systems efficiencies.

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